THE LAZERARTI: DISC REBORN Joint Art Exhibition to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of L.A.C. & In collaboration with Pat England's 'The Vinyl Word' Exhibition

36 artists, 63 art works

A.L.K.| Roz Keep | Tamara Norris /Vivid Vibrations | Astrid Der Weduwe | Hong Kong Shifts | Yulia Skrygina | Anastassia Kraeva | Agnes Ngim | Laurence Markens | Chittara | Irina Ustyugova | Lala | Jules Hannaford | LVTL | Valentina Kazanskaya | Pat England | Cherubini | Lamma Gung | Arana Kennedy | François Brassard | Ian Tatton | Faye Fermin | Aubrey Alysse & Sylvana Studio | Andrew Dembina | Debbie McEntegart | Rajashree Khairnar | 音 速 • yum cheok - b e r t u l i s | Katie Flowers | Tin Wing Jess | Adam Roy Claringbull | Cleotha

Kids Design School (L.A.C.):
Agata Golbraikh (7), Polina Serafimovich (8), Mark Kraev (10), Platon Kraev(7), Nicholas Serafimovich (4)

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Joint Photography Exhibition feat.Mark Malby, Ewa Wilkinson and Lamma Gung
Street Photography Exhibition by Miguel Marina

Miguel: 'I have been photographing The Street (La calle) for the last years, during that time I have taken some special moments such as humor, love, beauty, happiness, sadness, geometrical figures, symmetry, fun, boredom, countries, loneliness, crowds, old ages, youth, sleep, dream, vandalism, social classes …'
The Art of Macrame
Macrame hand-made pieces created and exhibited by Sylvana Studio.

Macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting techniques. Sylvana Studio set by Lamma resident Aubrey specialises on working with natural materials to bring the joy and beauty of surroundings into your home.
Joint Art Exhibtion
Presented by TavernArt, the Exhibition featured the works of contemporary artists.

BRAZILIAN ARTISTS: Apo Fousek | Carlos Rezende | Claudio Caropreso | Claudio Cruz | Eddie Botha

Ann Baldoni is a teacher and artist who has lived on Lamma Island in Hong Kong for the past ten years. Her current work is ink and colored pencil drawings of ordinary everyday scenes in and around Yung Shue Wan.
Exhibition of sketches from the human form. Works all by regular sketchers of the weekly Thursday Life Drawing group.
In Search of Answers
A 5-year story of a challenger François Jeux

Originally aircraft designer, Francois quitted his job in 2014, annoyed to hear prejudices and desiring to understand the World by himself. Adventurous by nature, he used hitch-hiking, motorbike, trains, buses and sailboats to get closer to locals and to enjoy genuine cultural exchanges on a low budget. Considering the World as a giant school, he learnt, taught and shared more than he could have ever imagined…
Keep Calm, I'm a Girl Scout
GIRL SCOUTS OPEN HOUSE to meet the local Lamma Girl Scouts troop, learn more about scouting, see the daily life of girl scouts in pictures and sing scout songs together with the troop!
Search for that one shining star hidden behind the grey, sombre clouds.
Clutch the candlelight of hope tightly in your hands , fear is only a state of mind.

Facing death is not to seek the light at the end of the tunnel
But to enter a parallel reality where life is eternal.

Uplifting Art exhibition of an honoured artist of Russia Alexander Lepetukhin to feel the light of spiritual purification to soothe your soul.
Art Collaboration Project.
A pair of huge wall - lengthed wings appeared at LAC on the International kids defence day, June 1, symbolizing the joy and inspiration of childhood as well as showcasing the Art Collaboration Project created by two of LAC very own popular regular events: Family Art Lounge and Design School for kids.

Artworks done by kids over the past few months were transformed into a pair of huge wings to symbolise friendship, creativity and mutual support.
A Solo Exhibition by Pat England | Creative Vinyl Upcycling
Mike Korostelev Photography Exhibition

From building a cage in a shallow river in an effort to capture bear hunting-action, to coming within inches of tusks from both elephants and walruses for the perfect shot, Moscow-born award-winning underwater photographer Mike Korostelev has captured some incredibly unique images of marine animals. With a unique style and grittiness in his images that resemble the fantastic imagery of those underwater photography legends of the past.
PHOTO CREDITS: Mike Korostelev | Lamma Art Collective | François Jeux | Pat England | ALexander Lepetukhin

Photos and picture are exposed for reference only.

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